How do I find specific cases on Cardiopaedia?

Cases shared on cardiopaedia.com are categorized by speciality. When sharing a case, make sure to accurately categorize the post so that it’s discoverable for other healthcare professionals. To find specific cases, you can enter a medical term or condition in the search bar.

Can I upload promotional posts?

The cases and comments on Cardiopaedia should be shared with the intent of furthering medical knowledge. Any case or comment that appears to promote a particular person, organization, product, or service will be removed. 

Can Cardiopaedia moderators make changes to my case for me?

Cardiopaedia moderators do not alter images or captions in any way. All edits must be made by you.

How do I delete my own case?

To delete a case you’ve shared, find the case on your profile, select Delete.

What happens when my case is not approved?

If your case is not in line with our Community Guidelines, our moderators will not approve it. When a case is not approved, you will receive an email explaining why. If there is a potential privacy issue with your image, your case will be immediately deleted from Cardiopaedia.

Who can get the most benefit from this website?

This website is meant for physicians, physician assistants, medical students, paramedics, nurses and nurse assistants. They can enhance their ECG interpretation skills significantly by using cardiopaedia.com

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