A 19 y/o man presenting with syncope. Echocardiography showed no structural heart disease.

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The ECG demonstrates sinus rhythm with a short QTc interval of 360 msec and early repolarization. Short QT intervals are associated with a increased risk for SCD like long QT intervals. There is also increased risk of atrial arrhythmias. Presence of shorter than normal QT interval is usually not sufficient for the diagnosis of short QT syndrome. Sudden death in young family members, history of VT/VF, pathogenic mutation are also needed in the diagnosis of sQT syndrome. According to ESC guideline, QTc of 340 milliseconds alone may be diagnostic of SQTS. In the presence of risk factors for sudden cardiac death that I highlighted by yellow, <360 msec is sufficient for the diagnosis of short QT syndrome.


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cardiologist, electrophysiologist.

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